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The Rakia Museum stands as our dedication to this cherished cultural treasure—a space devoted to its celebration and preservation. Our mission is twofold: to immerse enthusiasts in rakia's history, production, and diverse flavors, and to contribute to Bulgaria's ongoing narrative. Each bottle and artifact in our collection narrates tales of skill and innovation in the art of rakia-making.

  • Opening times
    Opening times

    11:00 to 18:30 EVERY DAY


22 Patriarh Evtimiy Bd.,
Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Nearest Underground stations: National Palace of Culture (NDK) - 10 min walking distance , Sv. Patriarh Evtimiy Station - 3 min walking distance.
  • Bus Stops: Kino Odeon, Parva Gradska Bolnitsa
  • Easy approachable by metro, bus, trolley and tram

Exclusive experience


Join us to explore our exhibits, indulge in the diverse aromas during tastings, and be enveloped in the vibrant cultural tale woven within these walls. The Rakia Museum isn't just a place—it's a voyage through time, a celebration of heritage, and an open invitation to embrace Bulgaria's spirit.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is rakia?
Rakia is a traditional Bulgarian spirit, typically distilled from fruits like plums, grapes, or apricots. It holds immense cultural significance in Bulgaria and embodies the essence of the country's heritage.
What can visitors expect to experience at the Rakia Museum?
Visitors can immerse themselves in the history, production, and diverse flavors of rakia through engaging exhibits. The museum offers tasting sessions where guests can savor the various aromas and flavors of this beloved spirit. Additionally, guests can explore artifacts that showcase the artistry and innovation ingrained in rakia-making.
How does the Rakia Museum contribute to Bulgarian identity?
The museum plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting Bulgarian identity by highlighting the cultural significance of rakia. It adds to the ongoing narrative of Bulgaria's heritage, emphasizing the craftsmanship, traditions, and shared moments associated with this iconic drink.
Can visitors engage with the exhibits and artifacts at the museum?
Absolutely! Visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibits, learn about the history of rakia, and discover the intricate process behind its production. The museum offers an immersive experience, inviting guests to delve into the vibrant cultural tapestry woven within its walls.
Is the Rakia Museum more than just a space to showcase rakia?
Indeed, the Rakia Museum is not just a venue; it's a journey through time, a celebration of heritage, and an invitation to share the spirit of Bulgaria. It's a place where enthusiasts and newcomers alike can connect with Bulgarian traditions and embrace the essence of rakia beyond its taste.
What makes the Rakia Museum a must-visit destination?
The Rakia Museum offers a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of Bulgarian culture. It's a place where visitors can not only learn about rakia but also engage with its history, flavors, and the cultural significance it holds for the people of Bulgaria. It's an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.
Is there an age restriction for visitors to the Rakia Museum?
Yes, all visitors to the Rakia Museum must be 18 years old or above to participate in the tasting sessions and fully engage with the exhibits. This restriction ensures that guests can responsibly enjoy and appreciate the cultural experience offered at the museum.
Q: How can visitors acquire tickets for the Rakia Museum?
Tickets for the Rakia Museum can be conveniently purchased both online and at the venue. For online purchases, visitors can visit our website and choose from various ticket options available. Additionally, tickets can be bought directly at the museum's entrance, providing flexibility for spontaneous visits or those preferring to buy in person. Please note that all guests must be 18 years or older to participate in museum activities, including tastings.
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