November 25, 2023

Immerse yourself in the Balkan and world flavors and traditions of
Rakia and Spirits Fest 2023!
Get ready for a unique journey through the heart of the Balkans and the world at Rakia and Spirits Fest 2023!
This year’s festival promises an immersive experience that will excite the taste buds, discover cultural treasures and create connections like never before.
Dates: December 9-10, 2023
Place: National Palace of Culture (NDK), Hall 6
⏰ Working hours: 12:00 – 21:00
➢Rakia and Spirits Fest 2023 unites most rakia producers from Bulgaria and respected colleagues from neighboring Balkan countries. This festival will feature over 300 varieties of brandy and spirits, allowing you to explore the depths of Balkan heritage through every sip.
➢Cultural experience: Brandy is a national spirit that has very deep roots in Bulgarian culture. Rakia and Spirits Fest can provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the history and traditions surrounding rakia.
➢Meet the producers: At the Rakia and Spirits Fest you can meet the producers of rakia and spirits and learn more about their production methods and the quality of their products.
➢Gathering with friends: Rakia and Spirits Fest can be a fun way to get together with friends and spend time together trying new drinks and food.
➢Join us in the Cocktail Zone, where expert bartenders create inventive combinations that celebrate the spirit of creativity. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, these exclusive creations will leave their mark on your taste memory.
➢Sumptuous Gastronomic Delights galore – The Food Zone invites you with delicious treats that are the perfect complement to your spirit explorations.
➢Shopping and More – In addition to tasting, the Shopping Area is your gateway to your own collection at home. Get in on the deals and purchases on-site to make sure your favorite products will keep you happy long after the festival is over.
After all, Rakia and Spirits Fest is a place where you can meet old friends, discover new ones or chat with rakia and spirit lovers, discover new flavors and have a good time together.


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